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Sunday, February 3, 2013

How I "watched" the Superbowl

Well, the Superbowl just ended and I had zero access to a tv to watch it, since I’m currently sitting on a megabus. I wanted to keep track of the game, so I tried my best attempts to follow online, with interesting results.

First I caught up on my Facebook feed, where I got to see pictures of my friends’ Superbowl parties and see all the food/companionship I was missing out on. I also was able to start hearing which commercials were the best and how amazing Beyonce was during the half time show.

During this time, I switched occasionally to NFL.com to see the score update.
When I got bored with that, I went to Hulu.com where they were featuring the Superbowl commercials, and watched the ones my friends recommended.

Then I went back to Facebook, and saw some buzz about the power being out at the Superdome. I switched to CNN.com to confirm the “breaking news” since I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.
This is when the fun started. I switched to Twitter and saw that #LightsOut and #BlackOut were trending. I read those feeds and got a healthy dose of entertainment from strangers all over the country (maybe even the world?). My favorite post was by @heathermarter when she said “I never expected to black out in New Orleans…said no one ever.” I retweeted it and went along through the rest of the feed. I also really liked the jokes about Bane and Batman. I tried to come up with my own jokes, but felt too much pressure and couldn’t do it. :-)

After 30 minutes of laughing and wondering what on earth was going on, CNN reported that the power was restored and the game was resuming.

From here I went back to Facebook to see how my friends in SF were faring with the bad score. Through this, I was happy to learn that the blackout actually helped the Niners and they were catching up!

For the last quarter, I watched more Hulu commercials and refreshed nfl.com to see the score. With 2 minutes left, I switched to NFL’s play by play and caught updates through the end of the game.
Then I switched back to Facebook to see if any riots were breaking out in SF (only small ones that I saw).

And that’s how I watched the Superbowl without so much as seeing a coin toss.

What I learned: 
When I’m disadvantaged with a lack of technology, but my friends are not, they are a fine source of information. My newsfeed was catered to my interests already, and proved useful. However, when I became hungry for more info and my friends weren’t posting minute-to-minute updates, switching to Twitter was a great option for crowd-sourcing information and reading some of the wittiest comments.

I also decided that the NFL needs to learn that providing feeds of games is good for them and only increases their viewership/advertising value, and not make me feel so disadvantaged when I actually have a tiny computer at my fingertips. But maybe first they should focus on paying their electricity bills.


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