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Friday, January 25, 2013

Twitter/Facebook analogy

Have you ever seen an image on Facebook and had a good laugh, and then 6 months later see somebody else post it like it just happened? That’s what I’m starting to think is the biggest difference between Facebook and Twitter.
Because Facebook is limited to your own social network, content travels in smaller circles and goes in roundabout ways to make it around the Internet. Sure, things definitely can still go viral, and you could even argue it’s better because it gives things a longer shelf life. But in terms of being at the forefront of information, I think Twitter is more immediate fresh news, and less recycled information.
The best analogy I can picture is standing at a luggage carousel at the airport, waiting for your bags to come out. Some people stand right at the mouth to the carousel so they can see the bags coming out and get to theirs first. They are the Twitter users. They’re getting new information from all over the world and are ready to jump on it.
Then you know that sad looking duffel bag that you keep seeing go past and just wish someone would claim? That’s Facebook content, only the people around you don’t know how many times you’ve watched it go past.
I am working on other analogies (chain letters versus Fed Ex) to help me understand the comparison. Nothing has resonated yet and I don’t want to make one sound better than the other since they service different needs. I just hafta figure out what those needs are.


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