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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Social Media update

Here are my updated numbers, not much progress:
  • Facebook (Dunno yet can't see on the app, but hopefully hasn’t changed since I’m not looking for more FB friends, was 836)
  • Twitter (41 followers, was 36)
  • Instagram (17 followers, was 8)
  • Pinterest (25 followers, was 20)
I’ve also started cross-posting across different site accounts, with mixed results. Originally I assumed all those accounts would be able to talk to each other, so I was surprised that you can’t post to Facebook from Twitter. But I did find a Facebook app that allows it, if you use a #fb hash tag on the end of your post.

I’ve also downloaded a few new apps:
  • Vine (like Instagram but for video…pretty cool because the videos play right from your feed and you don’t have to load anything)
  • Flipboard (a visually pleasing app that combines your various social media accounts into one flippable news feed. Cool idea but haven’t used it very much)
I’ve been enjoying Instagram more, and decided to use it for more artistic photos that I tend to let sit on my phone without doing anything. It’s been the most fun for me lately.

Twitter has become a little more back burner, but I tend to write down jokes I come up with and post them when I get a chance. I’m trying to keep the joke quality high, but its tough since the Twitterverse moves so fast and I want to keep moving with it. But bad jokes are just…bad.
Pinterest sits unused a lot, but I do like knowing its there. I still think the niche is very clean cut, and I will know when the time is right to use it. :-)

Whew, all this connectivity is tiring.


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