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Facebook says I live in the Bay Area. Twitter boasts that I like puns and bad jokes (@The_PUNisher_SF), and then Reddit upvotes and says I LOVE puns and bad jokes. And this blog tells you about my experiences using social media sites and learning to fit them all together into my life.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I reached 150,000 people in one day

Wow.  I never thought I'd get to write a blog post with that title!  I started this blog so I could learn how to have a voice on the Internet, but I never imagined I'd be learning how to do it through my own success story.  24 hours ago, I had less than 50 total views on this site, which is fair because I only created it last month.  And now less than a day later, I have a blog post that's been viewed over 148,000 times (and still counting).

My site's metrics from today on Google Analytics
(I didn't start tracking until 1 pm, which explains the spike)

One great upside about this visibility is, this means I get to write a blog post about my blog post...how it started spreading, how I charted the progress on Google Analytics, and how fun little tidbits came up as the day unfolded (I even was asked to be interviewed for an article!).  That post will come tomorrow, and is more related to my original project of learning how social media works.

For now, I just want to make it clear that I did not write the article to capitalize on the misfortune of the VFX industry.  I was heartbroken by the bankruptcy news, and wished I could be in LA to help rally during the protest.  After the Oscars, I was trying to find more information about what happened, and was shocked at how little coverage there was online.  As I accumulated more articles and started putting the pieces together, I decided to put it together into a post on my blog.  I wanted to raise awareness, but I never thought it was going to take off the way it did.

In any case, here are some reasons why today's visibility was amazing:

1. VFX Solidarity's Facebook page has gone up to 29,000 likes (from 7,000).  And all of the fans look like this:


    2. Dialogues were started on several forums about the issue:

    3. This reason is more selfish.  I got to text my family this morning to let them know about the post's popularity.  To which one sister started tracking my website metrics, another sister started proofreading my older posts for typos, and my brother sent this witty response:

    All in all, it's been a pretty incredible day, definitely one I'll never forget.  Thank you Internet for letting me participate in your world.  I hope to see you again soon. :)


    1. well im a follower :) great blog. ive never been into read-y blogs before. so far my largest boost in views was by putting the words porn and drawing in the same header. 5000 views!

      1. Haha, you went for the buzz words. Glad you're sticking around, I look forward to hearing more from you. Especially since your comment on my original post made my day!

    2. Awesome job G1! (...or was it G2?....)


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