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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Could you walk 50 miles in 24 hours?

Last year, a friend told me about an event in the Bay Area called The Commute.  It is a 24-hour fitness challenge where you walk from San Jose to San Francisco, for a total 52 miles.  It's not a competition and it's not for a charity - it's just a well organized event to bring people together and help them walk a ridiculously long distance.  It seemed random and crazy and right up my alley, so I happily signed up!

During the walk, I posted a few Facebook status updates of my progress and people wrote comments wishing me luck and telling me I could do it!  I started re-reading the messages as the walk got more difficult, and they became a big source of motivation for me.  I ultimately walked 46 miles before I had to stop, just 6 miles shy of the finish line. 

The Commute was important because it taught me that limitations can be self-imposed and, more importantly, can be broken.  I walked further than I ever thought possible and suddenly it felt like everything in my life was within reach.  In the months that followed I went skydiving, ran a half marathon, and raced in my first Tough Mudder.  The Commute motivated me to do all of that, and changed my perspective on what I thought was possible.  And I have to wonder, if my life changed that positively from failing to finish the course last year, what would happen this year if I succeed?

This year, along with aiming to cross the finish line, I also have set a goal to use social media to keep my friends and family up-to-date on my progress.  Leading up to the event, I will be researching different apps and websites that can help me post real-time location and health stats along the way.  I think this could be a fun experiment for using the Internet "in the field", and I'm hoping I'll learn a thing or two along the way (besides how to treat blisters).

If you have any suggestions for web tracking apps or solar powered USB chargers, I welcome any messages!  Also if you're in the Bay Area and want to learn more information about the event, check out www.walkthecommute.com.  It is a great personal challenge and a wonderful eye-opener, and is definitely worth asking yourself the question, "Could I walk 50 miles in 24 hours?".

The route from San Jose to San Francisco
My personal finish line
My feet after walking for 24 hours
My view of the sunrise as I made my way into San Francisco's Mission district


  1. This is a little farther than our march of dimes walk. Congrats!

  2. That sunrise was so rewarding :) No blisters in 2013!!


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